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Ozone Generator, 20,000Mg/H High Capacity Industrial Ozone Generator, Commercial Ozone Generator, Ozone Machine for Rooms, Smoke,Cars,And Pets

Ozone Generator, 20,000Mg/H High Capacity Industrial Ozone Generator, Commercial Ozone Generator, Ozone Machine for Rooms, Smoke,Cars,And Pets

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  • 【WARNING】All ozone machines are for UNOCCUPIED space only. Ensure that NO people and NO animals in the room when it's working. Opening the door and window for air ventilation at least 30 minutes, then allowed to enter the room.
  • 【2 HOURS TIMER】You can set the working time up to 2 hours and time is up, the machine will auto shut off. Or you could set the "hold" mode to make the machine working all the time until you turn it off manually.
  • 【WIDE APPLICATION】 Effective for smells from smoking, cooking, pets, and other odors. Widely suitable for home, kitchens, bathroom, boats, car, offices, hotels, garages, basements, or fire or water-damaged areas.
  • 【EQUIPPED WITH A SPARE FUSE】ALDIOUS portable ozone air ionizer comes with a spare fuse. Fuses protect the product from accidents. If the product does not power on, replace the fuse and try again.
  • 【2 Years Warranty】ALDIOUS provides 2 years warranty for your industrial home ozone machine. If you have any questions about pre-sales or post-sales, please feel free to contact us.

Product Description

Make room for this powerful purifier.

Discover a fresher way to live, work, and do business with the Commercial Ozone Generator from ALDIOUS. Designed for extra-large spaces up to 3200 square feet, this industrial strength air purifier is our most powerful yet, delivering deep sanitization and deodorization for maximum comfort and safety. Activate ozone mode to neutralize foul odors, break down harmful pollutants, and eradicate airborne bacteria and viruses from your environment. When people and pets are present, you can still enjoy safe sterilization with germicidal UV mode, which operates independently of the ozone generator. And with a washable pre-filter, built-in handle, and lightweight, portable styling, the system promises travel-friendly convenience for any professional or private setting. Say goodbye to stale, smelly odors, and hello to clean, breathable air only matched by mother nature herself.

Multi-functional Ozone Air Purifier, You Deserve It !

  • 1. Deodorizer for your house. An ideal machine to eliminate smoke odor, musty odor, pet smell, car smell, cooking odors and any unsightly odors in your apartment.
  • 2. Fresh air on your basements, workshop, office, factory, schools and any public area.
  • 3. Purify unpleasant smell when you moved to a new apartment or new house.
  • 4.Also can be used to purify fruits, vegetables and water.
  • Model: AS-JH-D20
  • Output Ozone: 20000mg/h
  • Voltage: 110V/60Hz
  • Power: 120W
  • EPA Registration: 99116-CHN-1
  • Timer: 0-120mins
  • Weight: 4.4lbs
  • Size: 7.1 x 7.1 x5.4inch

Recommended Operation Time

  • 161sqft - 10min
  • 320sqft - 20min
  • 540sqft - 30min
  • 750sqft - 40min
  • 1000sqft - 55min
  • 1600sqft - 80min
  • 3200sqft - 120min
  • >3200spft - HOLD


Remove Tough Odors

Ozone is very effective at removing bad smells and odors from your home.

After cleaning up and removing the source of the odor, the ozone generator will produce ozone to seek and destroy any offensive odor molecules.

Remove Tough Odors

Ozone is very effective at removing bad smells and odors from your home.

Absorb New Space Smells

Fresh paint, new flooring, the latest furniture: all things we love seeing in our new home, but all things that can release harmful odors and VOCs.

Before moving into your new space, ozone can be applied to reduce these harmful chemicals so you are not breathing them in.

Pet smell

Remove the peculiar smell from your pet and let you get in touch with your pet.

1.Close all doors and windows before starting air cleaning.

2.If the space to be decontaminated has heating or cooling system,you can open the system to allow air to pass through.This allows you to cover every corner.

3.You can set the time manually according to the room size,then turn on the button,the ozone machine will start work.(Note:make sure that people and pet are away from the purification area during air purification)

4.After finished,please wait 30-60minutes before return,and open the doors and windows.

Why Unoccupied Spaces?

Ozone generators are for use in unoccupied spaces and not running when people or pets are present. So vacate the entire area during treatment. While O3 is a powerful oxidizer that will eliminate odors, long-term exposure is not recommended by government agencies because it can contribute to eye and respiratory irritation.

These are valid safety concerns because the ozone breaks apart molecules as part of the oxidation process, especially odor causing molecules. However, humans and pets are also made up of molecules, so ozone has the potential to irritate the eyes and respiratory system. Those with asthma, COPD or other respiratory issues should consult their physician before use.

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Model AS-JH-D06 AS-JH-Y10 AS-JH-S28 AS-JH-S40
Ozone Output 6,000mg/h 10,000mg/h 28,000mg/h 40,000mg/h
Mode Air Mode Air Mode Air Mode & Water Mode Air Mode & Water Mode &Tube Mode
Remote Control No Yes No No
Power 110W 110W 160W 280W
Voltage 110V/60Hz 110V/60Hz 110V/60Hz 110V/60Hz
Timer 0-120mins 0-120mins 0-120mins 0-120mins
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