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Carplay & Android Auto Car DVR Black Box 10.26 Inch Car Screen Dash Cam Camera Night Vision Video Recorder Car Assecories

Carplay & Android Auto Car DVR Black Box 10.26 Inch Car Screen Dash Cam Camera Night Vision Video Recorder Car Assecories

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Specifications: Car Wireless CarPlay Android Auto
1.【Wireless apple carplay】 You don't need to use a data cable. You just need to turn on Bluetooth and WiFi to connect, and Carplay will automatically connect next time. You can use voice control Carplay to play music, navigate, view text messages, etc. (iPhone only).
2.【convenient installation】 The package is equipped with a cigarette lighter power supply and a rear camera (part of the package). You can work just by plugging in the connector, so that you won't have to worry about complicated wiring.
3.【Larger screen】 The 9.3-inch high-definition touch screen allows you to see the contents of the screen from a larger perspective. The rectangular screen design can better reduce the obstruction of the line of sight. The shape is also more beautiful and fashionable, which conforms to the aesthetics of modern people.
4.【Wireless Android auto】You don't need to use a data cable to connect. You just need to turn on Bluetooth and WiFi to use Android auto. You can use Android auto for voice control, music, navigation, etc. (only Android phones with Android auto function can be used to operate this item)
5.【Customer Service】 As long as we purchase our products through formal channels, we will provide online dealer warranty.

1.Android Auto is only available with Android version 10 or above, and for Huawei phones do not support Android Auto.
2.Some Samsung phone versions may not connect to Android auto due to compatibility issues.

1: Is this device suitable for my car?
This is a 10.26" universal car radio, just fix it on the center console.

2: How to connect wireless carplay/android auto?
First pair the mobile phone with Bluetooth, and then connect to the WIFI signal. After both are connected, carplay/android auto will automatically jump to the corresponding interface.

3: How to connect wired android auto/carplay?
It can be connected through the USB 2.0 cable, please pay attention to use the original car cable that can be used for data transmission.

4: Why is there no sound from the device?
(1).The AUX cable is inserted and the FM transmitter switch is turned on.
(2).When the FM transmitter switch is turned on, the speaker has no sound.

5: Is it possible to transmit audio to the car's speakers via Bluetooth?
Yes,In our new version.It support transmitting audio to car's speaker via Bluetooth.If the device you received does not have this function, it means that your device is not the latest version, please contact us and provide us with the corresponding version number of your device. We will send you updated firmware.

6: How to sync sound via FM?
A:Turn on the radio function of the original car and choose the channel you like;
B: Turn on FM and tune to the same channel(Can be added to most 3 Favorites).The device will sound through the horn of the original car;

7: How to sync sound via AUX ?
A:Switch the car audio system input mode to AUX mode;

B: AUX outputs all the time,plug and play.Default FM and Native Speaker will be turned off automatically when AUX mode is ON.

8: Why doesn't the screen light up?
(1). Check whether the power supply is plugged in properly(connect with type-c port next to AV port).One end of the cigarette lighter is installed in place,and the other end will be connected to the lowermost DC 12V power supply port on the left side of the device.
(2). After confirming that the power is turned on, if the screen is still not on, there is a reset button on the back of the device, press and hold for 3 seconds.
(3). Software problems, you can upgrade the software, please contact customer service.

9: What should I do if the picture of rear camera is shaking ?
(1).Please Check whether the rear camera line is plugged in AV port properly(Note:should connect the rear camera at first,then power on machine)
(2).Then restart the device

10:Can I use the rear camera of the original car/other brand?
No, only the rear camera of Imagebon is supported, the camera of the original car/other brands is not suitable for the device

11:How to complete the update?
Please message us on Aliexpress,and give us your version number or version picture.At the same time,please leave us your email address.

We will check your version and send you the corresponding upgrade firmware.

Note:Please do not update the software at will after getting the update software from other places (because the update firmware corresponding to different versions is different, random update will cause damage to the machine).

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